Earn Money Online

Earn money online in Pakistan without any fraud or scam, just use your brain and you can do wonders. People often asked me this question that how to earn money online and my answer to them is that some online work like data entry jobs, Captcha entry work, PTC websites allow you to make a few bucks without investing any money but of-course you cannot live the good life with this amount of cash.┬áSo if you are serious about your online work than you need to invest dollars into your business just like an ordinary business like shop in which you have to give rent of shop as well as get some stuff to sell. Although you don’t that much amount of investment as in real life but if you want to be part of big fish than you need some sort of initial deposit.

Earn Money Online

Work for Newbie’s

If you are one of those who have just landed your foot into this giant industry then I would recommend you to start with some PTC websites as its the easiest job in the world. You just have to watch some advertisements on a daily basis and recommend these sites to your friends so that you can earn some commission too. Obviously your earning will be very low so if you want to earn fast then you have the option of investing some money on these websites and purchase Golden membership which will allow you to watch more ads daily and hence increase your earning potential.

Now one of the biggest problem in finding the right and legitimate paid to click programs is that almost 90% sites in this field are scam which means they will not pay you money. But since we are here to help you we will tell you a website where you can find the right sites which will pay you money 100% with a guarantee. So visit the website mentioned below and join all the programs so that you can start generating some bucks right now.

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Earn Money Online

Jobs for Skill Persons

So you have some sort of skill and wanted to cash it but don’t know where to start than here are some of the suggestions for you. Most of the time people want to ask us about online data entry jobs of Captcha entry jobs in Pakistan but the problem is to where to find these kinds of jobs. Most of the time people says that the companies offering these types of jobs require some sort of initial deposit like 50 to 60 dollar which is not fair at all because you are doing work for them and they are asking for money rather than giving you money.

Register here for Data Entry Jobs

Data entry is a very basic job and only need some good typing speed but what if you have some more skills like English writing, Design, Microsoft Office, Website templates, Twitter followers, Facebook likes I mean any thing which is unique and people like to hire you but for a short span of time. So you need some kind of a platform where you can find these kind of people who will hire you or give you some work to do. IN return you will submit the work within time limit and earn money.


You may have heard about Fiverr website which is a platform where buyers and sellers meet together and do some work. The good thing is that you can join free of cost and start posting your gigs from now on. Initially you will no get too many orders as the competition on this site is very high so you have to be very patient. But when you got some orders and reputation you will see a constant stream of orders which is some cases result in thousands of dollars per month earnings.

Micro Jobs

Micro Jobs are relatively very easy when compare to the Fiverr jobs because here tasks are very basic and so are their earnings. But the advantage is that any body can do these types of jobs and you can do hundreds of jobs on a daily basis if you spend good amount of time. Again you are not going too be millionaire but you can help out yourself in studies are increase your normal income.

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Earn Money Online

Jobs in Pakistan for Experts

Its not that you can earn only part time income on internet but this news may be shocking to you that some people are earning online way better than an average 18 grade office in Pakistan. Some of them are earning more than 1000 dollars per months which means more than one lac rupees which is of-course very difficult to earn via traditional way like job or some small shop.


Freelancing is very popular now a days among your fellow Pakistani brothers and sisters because on these sites you will get good amount of money for a work which is not that difficult. So if you can hire someone from your friends who is good in English writing or in Logo designing etc than you can ask him to do some work for you.

There are lots of Freelancing website like oDesk, Freelancer, Elance, Getacoder, 99designs and Guru etc. After joining these websites you need to start biding on projects presented by people who want you to work for them. Biding is a very slow process and often they give projects to people with some group or reasonable experience so initially you may not get as many projects as you want but this is how it goes.

Google Adsense

One of the main legit way to generate this much money is Google Adsense which is a Pay Per Click advertising program. Now the problem here is that you are not going to convert this program into an ATM machine over night and in some cases you have to wait more than a year to start with. So this is very important that you must carry on your current way of earning and start your new blog or website so that after an year you can fully concentrate on it.

In order to start with Adsense you need a blog or website which you can start just by buying your domain name and hosting. But before buying anything you have to first decide the topic or niche of your website. Now a days WordPress blogs are very popular which are easy to setup and you don’t have to design a theme or template. Just buy them from any top WordPress theme provider and install it into your hosting account.

Things you need for Adsense:

1. Topic or Niche of your blog

2. Domain

3. Hosting

4. Theme or Template

5. Content

6. SEO

Earn Money Online

Internet Business

Just like in real life marketing you can sell physical as well as virtual item’s on internet and make a commission. You don’t have to sell your own products which means that you can start this business without investing any money. This is a huge bonus for some one who wants to start his online career. Now you may be thinking where I can promote my items on internet, well their are two huge platforms on internet and that are Facebook and Twitter where you can generate lots of leads.

Internet Marketing

First thing first you just need to signup for a free account on Clickbank, Amazon or Ebay and choose any product which you want to promote. Now there are thousands of categories as well as items on these websites so you have to choose your product very wisely which may convert to sales very easily. Both these sites provide you commission from 20% to 70% which means in some cases you can earn more commission from the product’s original price.

After signing up you can get your product affiliate link from a website and start promoting it on Facebook. One of the best ways to start your work is that add some new friends on your profile preferable from USA, Canada or UK and start sending messaging them. Another way is to use Facebook Search form which is very effective in finding the right person for your product.

For example if your product is about health than you can start finding people who are looking for health product. The good thing about Facebook Graph Search is that it will find the right person for you who has updated his or her status in recent times which means that you can target that person.

Earn Money Online

How to Withdraw Money

We all know that our country is in a middle of crises and our economy is not improving as compared to the other developed countries of the world. That is why big multinational companies as well as online payment processors are not giving their services in Pakistan. But still people are using some sort of service or methods to get their money in Pakistan. So in this chapter we will learn how to use these methods to get your money in your pocket.

Free Payoneer Visa MasterCard

Over the years Pakistan has many challenges when it comes to receiving money from the outside world but thanks to Payoneer who have really solved our big problem. The Payoneer is a USA bank which allows you to open USA Virtual bank account free of cost and order their Visa MasterCard, which is also free. It’s an amazing offer which solved almost 99% of our payment problems. All you have to do is to order your free card and they will ship it to Pakistan free of cost within 15 to 40 days (isn’t that really amazing).

Order you Free Payoneer Visa MasterCard

After you get your card you can attach and use this card to any online payment processor like PayPal, Payza, Skrill etc and also use it on any freelance website like oDesk, Elance, Fiverr etc. If you want to verify PayPal account in Pakistan with this card than read full guide here.


Another great way to start receiving money online and the good thing is that you can verify your account with any local Pakistani bank Visa Debit Card or with your Payoneer MasterCard as well. Just open your free account by visiting Payza official website here and verify it. After that receive money in your account and withdraw it in Pakistan with the help of your ATM card.


Again you can open Skrill account free of cost and verify it with different ways. One way is to verify it using your local bank Visa Debit Card or you can directly verify it with your local bank account details so that money will be transferred straight into your account. Also if you have a Payoneer card then you can same time use it to verify Skrill account which is the most effective and practical way for online earners so that all your money will be in one account.

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